Outdoor Classroom Design's Jason Medeiros participated in a 2008 project led by the University of Washington to create courtyard space for a school in Guatemala City. The administration office looks out into the double-locked entry of this public school, which requires that visitors check in before they can enter. Instead, we should bare in mind that outdoor grounds can play a key role in student engagement with learning and their motivation to succeed. The retention pond at Zionsville West Middle School is a Wi-Fi-enabled demonstration area for science classes and a spot for project-based learning. But while safeguarding against acts of school terror is uppermost in the public mind, student bullying is a more pervasive, everyday issue and poses its own set of architectural challenges. September 1, 2017 ... only to praise what the Masters built but as architects we take phrases from those poetics to define the contemporary architecture in India and beyond. To see ideas for pond, pavilion, skatepark, waterwheel, press skateboards. At the British International School of Houston, the Agora uses the principle of transparency to allow younger students to see what the older students are up to, and what lies ahead for them. Outdoor classrooms are the perfect opportunity to blend the benefits of a traditional indoor classroom with the open air and natural environment. At Annie Purl Elementary School, a pre-K to fifth grade public school, in Georgetown, Texas, the Huckabee architecture firm designed and installed floor-to-ceiling glass classroom walls. And one of the most multi-functional ways to utilize outdoor spaces for learning is to build a carefully designed outdoor classroom. Lincoln Primary School has adopted the reserve as an ongoing outdoor classroom and return regularly to add to the native plantings. Daugherty Elementary School has a variety of outdoor learning zones connected to Texas standards. 626-296-1770. View fullscreen on Video page or YouTube channel. But the Innovation Zone also serves as the school’s social hub and hosts the campus coffee shop and student-run bookstore, mimicking the integration of work and relaxation space that is so common in today’s start-ups and cutting-edge technology companies. The entire building is wrapped around a common area called the Agora—Greek for “gathering place”—which is modeled on the public courtyards at the heart of city life in ancient Greece. see designboom’s TOP 10 stories archive: TOP 10 ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS THAT INTEGRATED NATURE IN 2016 . And at Lady Bird Johnson Middle School in Irving, Texas, the biggest net-zero public school in the country—it generates more energy than it consumes—the building itself is a laboratory for learning. Although it’s standard to integrate Wi-Fi and tech throughout a school, there’s still a need for rooms with high-tech tools like 3D printers. “The one-acre pond has shallow-depth areas for wetland plant species, and the boardwalk has observation decks with wireless access for small group instruction. Smaller groups also visit throughout the year to check on the growth of the plants and to monitor biodiversity – they post information about what they find on the iNaturalist online platform. Apr 18, 2017 - Explore Sandra Heinen's board "Outdoor classroom" on Pinterest. Corgan designed the building’s green energy capacities to integrate with the school’s grade 6–8 science curriculum. Having a single point of entry to the school is standard protocol to limit unwanted access, but many schools are starting to install double-locked entries—with two locked doors to get through—and often require sign-in and use video surveillance systems to screen visitors before they enter campus. The size of the classroom and interior areas, the colors of the walls, the type of furniture and flooring, the amount of light, and the room arrangement all influence how students learn. Our Olivia Lyons explains how students are building ideas based off … “In very traditional schools, hallways often look exactly the same,” says Stephen, of New Vista Designs for Learning. In British Columbia, these are known as Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs). Explore. See more ideas about outdoor classroom, architecture, outdoor. Floor-to-ceiling glass isn’t the only way to achieve transparency, though. Today, every inch of the school is scoured for its ability to contribute to learning: Corridors are being widened to become extensions of the classroom, stairs are turning into seating space, and walls throughout the building are doubling as writing surfaces or displaying Wi-Fi-enabled TV screens. If an intruder gains access to the academic wing, four corner classrooms serve as shelters—each is outfitted with bulletproof glass and can be accessed from common areas and adjacent classrooms, and then sealed off from any further entry. Many of our school projects have Wi-Fi in these outdoor spaces. Key insights into five common design principles—technology integration, safety and security, transparency, multipurpose space, and outdoor learning—surfaced during our conversations. For a narrative tour of the classroom, click TOUR. St. John’s Prep, a private school, has a robotics lab as part of its STEM commons. At Field Elementary School, a public school in Weston, Massachusetts, an alcove is used as a breakout space for small group collaboration. Internal spaces like hallways, classrooms, and cafeterias—typically separated from each other by opaque structures like walls and doorways—have given way to open layouts that emphasize glass partitions and uninterrupted lines of sight, borrowing from cutting-edge work environments like Google’s and Apple’s campuses.